Getting Started with Rapchat

Pro-tips to help you get the most out of your Rapchat experience

Getting Started with Rapchat

Here are some pro-tips to help you get the most out of your Rapchat experience

Update your profile

Make sure that you have a profile image, that your social media links are current, and that you add a bio. This is step one to making sure that you have a solid foundation to build and grow a fanbase.

Finding beats

There are so many great beats on Rapchat. Here are a few tips to help you browse:

  • The featured section of the beats will have the latest and greatest beats that are getting the most love, typically from established producers
  • The search section can help you if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Say for example, you know you want “NLE Choppa Type Beats” or “DaBaby Type Beat” -- you can easily search for that and find tons of results of beats that fit that criteria
  • From other tracks - while browsing your home feed and the discover feed, you can see what beats others are using if one catches your eye - simply tap on it and you’ll be sent to the beats screen

Saving beats

When browsing beats AKA CRATE DIGGIN... make sure to favorite the ones you like by tapping the heart icon. You’ll be able to easily access these later when you’re ready to hit the Studio. This a major pro-tip for those looking to do the work in advance.

Your recording setup

We strongly recommend that you use non-bluetooth headphones while in the studio recording. The best ones are wired directly to the phone. If they have a mic, the app will default to using their mic but if they don’t, the app will default to using the phone’s mic so keep that in mind.

Use the mixer

You can easily adjust the volume levels of different tracks by tapping the mixer icon. This will help make your track sound better.

Leverage the vocal effects

Add vocal effects to your tracks! There are a variety to choose from and you can even further customize them by double tapping them to adjust

Exporting your song

When you’re done with your studio session, make sure to hit “Save” or “Next”. For the best results, make sure to add high-quality artwork and give your track a good title.

Share your song

Make sure to share it after. We provide plenty of options to easily export to Instagram, Twitter, and more so the more platforms you share it on -- the better chance you have of getting discovered and gaining fans.

Engage and listen to other songs

A surefire way to gain new fans and potential collaborators is to browse the featured section and discover sections and give real feedback to other artists. They’ll often follow you back and if they like your work - might ask to do a collaboration!

Have fun

At the end of the day, have fun with making music. Rapchat is here to help you reach your goals so if there is anything we can do to further support you - please reach out to us []